Thursday, January 7, 2010

The White Diamond/Dumpster Diver Conspiracy Video

A fews months ago Surfing Magazine did an article on Dane Reynolds.  They included a video which showed Dane riding a Roberts White Diamond.  Channel Islands forced Surfing Magazine to yank the video within an hour of when it was posted.  They subsequently then developed the Dumpster Diver surfboard which has an incredible resemblance to the Roberts White Diamond.  Along with a contrived story regarding finding some EPS foam in the Dumpster and developing the design.  One fine young gentlemen burned the video that CI didn't want you to see to his hard drive.  Here is said video, and if you want one of these types of boards, Go to Roberts for one:


Murf said...

I have been following the thread on the surfer message boards. Amazing. Thanks for posting the vid. Promised my wife I had enough boards for the rest of the year, and now seven days into it and you're killing me, haha. Everyone, go get one from Robert.


Anonymous said...

How amazing is dane.

How would he be on a tomo I wonder ?

Tell us about yours brown.

brownfish said...

Patience young grasshopper. Patience.

Anonymous said...

What might Brown say to you.

Steve S. said...

Not to mention that your photo of Dane below is on Robert's board!

Just sayin.