Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surfboard Shaping Time Again

I haven't shaped a surfboard now in almost a year.  My time in the shaping room has been relegated to making handplanes.  I am not complaining, not one bit.  I do miss having the time to shape surfboards though.  The handplaning business has been doing real good.  So good, that I went through my last 10 Paulownia blanks before my new shipment of Paulownia arrived.  I even ordered my next shipment, the day my last shipment was sent.  So, I am currently out of wood.  I can hear the jokes now, so, no need to post em.  My next shipment of 20 Paulownia blanks should be arriving friday, with another 50 blanks being milled right now.  So, should have enough wood to last a while.  During this down time, I figured I would shape myself a surfboard.  I've got about 5 blanks sitting on top of my shaping bay, just frothing to meet my planer. It will be a summer board.  I am thinking 5'7 x 19 1/4" x 2 1/4".  Something of a blend of the "Mushbuster" I shaped for myself last summer and my current Tomo that I love so much.  Thinking about putting a Robert's screwdriver tail on it, like the Roberts pictured below.  Set up as a quad, but I think I'm gonna have em throw in that 5th box, just for kicks.  Lokbox of course.  Gonna try the new shorter boxes that Lokbox is now making.  Here are the three boards that I plan to blend.