Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heading to Hawaii

These three Handplanes are heading to Hawaii for "Da Hui/Hawaii State Bodysurfing Association Shorebreak Slam at Waimea Bay" next week-end and/or the following. Hopefully they will get some good use out of them. More pics at Handplane Goodness

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's the End

Well, it actually depends on which way you look at it. My prediction is that, if you thought last summer was a mess dealing with SUP's, this summer is going to be a catastrophe. With Costco now offering these things up for $429, including paddle and leash, it is now not a sport that people get sticker shock when they want to start up. I would say that, although the surf has been incredibly fun over the last 6 weeks or so, the SUP's have been increasingly frustrating. Hopefully the expected onslaught of SUK's will spur a definitive push to have these things moved into restricted zones and out of surf zones. There is now a Petition being started by Joel Tudor and Justin Phillips (The Justin) to have SUP's permenently removed from the line-up at Cardiff Reef. While I feel bad for the few good guys that I consider my friends that SUP, overall I am all for this. I will be updating the progress of this movement and let you know where to sign, if interested.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is a surf contest. A worldwide forum for the year’s best individual surf sections.

Through this site, 20 surfers will earn spots on Taylor Steele’s next high-performance surf movie.

You will decide which ones.

Who will be the final section? The decision is in your hands.

That’s the competition. But there’s more to it than that. Innersection is a showcase for surfers and filmmakers; a workshop for the art of the surf section, with interviews, instructional materials and behind the scenes action; a home for the newest maneuvers, the best swells and the latest music.

Sure, you get to sit up in the judges’ tower, but you’re also invited to the after party.

Here’s How It Works:

◦The contest runs in four Cycles.

◦Each cycle is two months long.

◦First Cycle begins March 1st.

◦Second begins May 1st. Third: July 1st. Fourth: Sept. 1st.

◦All sections must be uploaded in the first week of the cycle.

◦All sections approved sections will be open to viewing and rating by members.

◦The Top Ten member rated sections will open to Final Rating in the last week of the cycle.

◦Five of the Top Ten sections will qualify for the final DVD.

◦Four cycles, starting March 1st. Five qualifiers advance from each cycle. Twenty sections qualify for the final judging and DVD.

◦Final judging will take place in the first week of December, 2010.

◦Innersection DVD will appear shortly afterwards in surf shops, direct download and iTunes formats.

CHECK IT OUT HERE:    Innersection TV

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The White Diamond/Dumpster Diver Conspiracy Video

A fews months ago Surfing Magazine did an article on Dane Reynolds.  They included a video which showed Dane riding a Roberts White Diamond.  Channel Islands forced Surfing Magazine to yank the video within an hour of when it was posted.  They subsequently then developed the Dumpster Diver surfboard which has an incredible resemblance to the Roberts White Diamond.  Along with a contrived story regarding finding some EPS foam in the Dumpster and developing the design.  One fine young gentlemen burned the video that CI didn't want you to see to his hard drive.  Here is said video, and if you want one of these types of boards, Go to Roberts for one: