Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Matuse Site

From the initial look, it seemed like the same as before. As you dig a little, you find much better descriptions and pictures. Plus, you can buy suits, shirts, and other accessories on-line. If you look in the vintage section, they have last years models for pretty significantly reduced prices (if they have your size). Many over the last year have personally e-mailed me or complained that they couldn't find the product in their area. Now, this shouldn't be a problem. Plus pretty good deals in the vintage section. I am personally still wearing my first generation 2mm SS full, going on 2+ years now and still in great shape. I approve.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"The Fraud"

I call this the "Fraud" model. As you can see the similarities. I changed up the bottom and used a deep single, plus added the extra rear side boxes so my buddy could try it as a quad. This is a copy of the first board I shaped him about 9 months ago. He has ridden that board into the ground. My buddy loves EPS, so I decided to try Keahana system, as I've read alot about them and have been interested in their process. He's a big guy and is hard on boards. Him being the main person I surf with, I figured what better person than to put it to the test. The guys at Keahana were real nice and easy to work with. Explained the whole process real well. The blank is shaped out of a Keahana EPS fish blank. Sorry, the color is a little splotchy, I took the pics outside the factory and didn't wipe all the sand dust off the board.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jonna's Sneak Peak

This is a 5'0 Keel that I shaped for Jonna. She has been extremely patient and has dealt with my schedule better than I could have ever asked for. For this I thank her. It came out around 20 1/4" wide and just under 2 1/4" thick. As for the color, she said she wanted some yellow and didn't care how it came out. Actually she said she wanted it to look like someone vomitted all over it. So, I took some yellow paint and the compressor and went at it. Was kinda fun and looks pretty cool. Was easy and took very little time. Will be doing more of these in the future with multiple colors. Will be dropping it off to the glasser later today for a gloss and polish. Lokbox with Bamboo Keels from Marlin.

Monday, May 11, 2009


The latest addition to the team. Barney is 7 weeks old and 15lbs. He hails from Los Banos, CA. The fourth born of six. He likes to sleep and likes to poop. Luckily we have been pretty succuessful in keeping the latter outside. After two days, so far, so good. He's pretty amazing and has been as easy as a puppy could be. At least so far.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Do Something !!!

Rick, putting his old yellow pod type thingy through some of its last paces.