Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FOR SALE - Carbon Fiber Hynson Black Knight Quad 2

5'8" x 20 1/4" x 2 3/8" Hynson Black Knight Quad 2 - Board was shaped with an EPS Blank then laminated with Carbon Fiber cloth. Has only been ridden twice. Buyer to pay packing and shipping cost if needed. Cost to build this board was around $700. Retail would be around $1000. Selling for $600 FIRM. e-mail me with any questions at:

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been kinda lazy lately. Just started working a new schedule and I've been pretty tired. Haven't been spending as much time at the keyboard as of late. Don't know if thats a good thing or a bad one. A friend of mine borrowed my coveted Hynson Black Knight Quad last weekend. He's shaping his first board and wanted to template either a Pavel Speeddialer or the BKQ. Since I've had both and tend to prefer the Black Knight (for my style of surfing) I figured I'd let him borrow it for a while. I'm lucky enough to have a decent array of boards right now, so letting one go for a bit isn't too much of a hardship. Plus, I think (lets just call him Mr. Pepper) is a pretty cool guy, and I know he's already got the skills to shape a pretty decent board, he's just been scared all this time. Kinda like I was. Now it's one of the things I think about constantly. So, the other day I get this e-mail from Mr. Pepper, which said something about obsession and compulsion and shaping and what not. Attached to the e-mail is this picture:

I couldn't respond to the e-mail, but I'm sure Mr. Pepper will be trolling around and see this. With this kinda planning, I don't see how he will go wrong.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DJ Kane

It's been a while since I posted last. A rough couple of weeks have not only affected me and my immediate family (ie. wife and kids), but also my brother, sister and mom. I am hoping we have worked through the worst for now.

Keep checking back as I should be posting again on a regular basis.

So while cruising the ERBB, I came across DJ and Justin's latest creation. This board has been sitting in DJ shaping room for quite some time. Neither is to blame, as they have both been traveling and what not.

The funniest thing about this board is that the outline of half the board was cut and sitting for so long, without the other half even drawn out. It was always wierd passing by and looking in at this asymentrical shape.

Well, I guess they finally got the gumption to finish her up. Boy did DJ do an incredible job. I don't hype DJ's stuff as much as I should, mainly because I see him at least 2-3 times a week and also because I just assume that most around the internet surf scene already realize this. He's shaping pretty amazing custom boards these days. I've seen more great boards from DJ coming out of Moonlight than pretty much any other shaper in the last 6 months (well Ambrose has had some good ones, but thats another story). This may be my favorite shape I've seen. I can't wait for Justin to pick it up, so I can give it a go. You can contact DJ through his website at: I believe he can ship pretty much anywhere in the world that Moonlight Ships.

So, after being around DJ for the last year or so since he has moved here, my favortite story came just a few weeks ago. I was picking up a board on the Friday right before the AB3. I had my 3 kids and my 5 y/o's best friend (4 kids under 6). I pull up to the back and start unloading the Groms. So DJ is leaving his truck and starting to walk in the back. In the meantime, my 5 y/o is explaining to his best friend everything about the surfboard shop that he frequents. The last thing I hear him say is, "It doesn't matter if you know what thier name is, just call em DUDE." He looks over at DJ and says, "Hey Dude."