Friday, July 25, 2008

I Feel The Need For Speed

This is a Twinzer for Tony. He wanted something big and thick. So, this came out somewhere in neighborhood of 6'2 x 21.5" x 2 3/4". I think it's pretty close to what he wanted. It's pretty flat overall and should be pretty fast. I took a little liberty with the tail. My best friend has been riding a Twinzer Fish for the last 4 years. He's a pretty big guy too. This tail design is similar to the one he's riding right now. Which is says is his best. I integrated the deep double concave that i've been doing between the fins. I think this gives the board a little more hold, and the bonzeresque bottom almost acts like center fin. It will be getting glass-on Bamboo fins from Fins 101 and a nice spray by the Pinliner himself. I can't wait to see the board after Moonlight gets done with it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Made in Taiwan

I found this thread lurking over at Swaylocks (click title above). Thomas happened to be a little bored, waiting for a work permit in Taiwan. So, he decided to make a hollow wood board in his hotel. Has to be the most original place I've ever seen or heard of a board being made.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Allowance Time

The boys are now 4 and 6. Most of you with kids know what that means. DAD, "When are we gonna by some new droids," DAD, "Jake got a new Bionicle and now he has more than I do." In order to avoid constant assault, they can be relentless, I have started them on an allowance. $1 a day if they are good and do what they are told, including eating and cleaning up. Plus whatever odds and ends I can come up with. If they are good all 7 days in the week, they get a 50 cent bonus. Kind of goes along with the video. Payday is on Fridays. They had their first payday yesterday, and I took em to Toys R US to spend thier fortune today. They were actually pretty good, and kept within their allowance. They are now gonna start recycling the cans and plastic bottles to get more Dough. It's been working out real well, but it's all new and may become a complete failure this week. We'll see.