Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Camera

My family got me a new camera for Fathers Day. It's an Olympus sp-570uz. I've been wanting this camara for a while. Mainly to finally be able to shoot decent family pictures, but also because it's got a 20x optical zoom. You know what that means. Surf pics. Well, I still haven't figured the thing out, but clicked off these shots in a few minutes while simultaniously cutting up and syruping pancakes for the kids. It was overcast, so definately not optimal lighting. Hopefully, there will be better pics to come when I get it figured out.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Matuse - Are they really worth it?

I get a lot of e-mails and messages about this topic.

Everyone that has worn one is a believer that the function and warmth is pretty much unparalleled. But, what about the price? Most don't seem to mind that they are more expensive provided they are going to last. This is the main thing that has held alot of people back. They haven't been proven by the common foke to last multiple seasons. Yea, the pros and bros have had em for more than a year, some even two, but us commoners just haven't been able to put in the time.

So after having my original 2mm Short Sleeve Full for a whole year now, also wearing into the deep dark late Days of December, I can honestly say that there isn't one flaw in that suit. No rips or tears, no fraying, no cancer in the smoothie, NOTHING. I have put it through the test and can say it is going to last another season. Some will say that it is really only a transitional suit in the fall and spring, but not for me. I think I stopped wearing it in real late December, and started wearing it again in Early to Mid March. Of course I'm talking about San Diego water, but the warmth this suit supplies (only being 2mm and SS) is sufficient for most days, void of pre-dawn patrols.

I sent the Staff at Matuse various e-mails, trying to get them to make a full taped and sealed, Long sleeved, 2mm full suit. I'm sure they ignored most of what I had to say, cause they've got alot better guys out their testing their suits, but I'm happy to say that they have come out with somewhat of a compromise. For this season, The 2mm SS Full is now glued and blind stitched and also has the Fish Scale chest for better board traction and evaporative heat loss prevention. The one that I've had for a year now, even though ultra warm, isn't glued. They have also released the 3/2/2, which should put most of you cold water guys feeling free and lively through the summer.

Now the other big thing I seem to get e-mails and messages about is where can I get em. Many people have gone into shops that sell em, but they are out. Matuse suits are in pretty high demand right now. My friend had an order in at a shop for a SS Full, and he got it last week. He told me the manager said that a full new shipment has just arrived, including the new 3/2/2 fullsuits, and also a Long Sleeved top called "The Sophia" for the women.

So, to make a long story longer, don't fear change. Yea, the suits are a bit more expensive. Even though I would love to get my hands on the new 2mm SS Full, I can't rationalize it. My suits still in great condition after some solid use.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A New Ocean Slider

This is the largest Fish I've shaped to date. 6'0 x 21" x 2.5". It's good to start practicing making templates and boards that aren't 5'8. I definately have a feel for the 5'8 and pretty much know how it should be. Whether I accomplish that or not are two different things. Add that four inches, and something your not used to holding everyday, and it becomes a whole new ballgame. It was a good experience. Next on the block, a 6'0 Pod type thing for my best friend, then a 6'2" Twinzer Fish for N4S. Both will be new to me, but I look forward to the challenge


Sunday, June 8, 2008

The OTF Board Chronicles

It all started at the AB3. My wife and I had a nice day off from life. We call it a "Day Date". We found friends to watch the three younglings for the day, and headed down to the AB3. Lately we have been really enjoying these "day dates." When we met, we spent most of our time surfing together, not going out to dinner and clubbing. Since the grems have come along, surfing together is rarely an option. So instead of recruiting people to watch the kids, so we can go out at night on a date, we have "day dates" so we can surf together, then go out to lunch, etc. So, getting back to the chronicles. As many know, the surf was pretty bad that day. I brought alot of boards down for people to try, but the surf just didn't cooperate. By the time we walked down the way to go out to lunch, nobody had tried one of the boards. When we came back, OTF, was walking down the beach with one of the boards that I shaped. He took it out, and had a good time on it. He was actually the first person, besides myself, to ever try one of the boards I shaped. Meanwhile, my wife packed up to go pick up the kids. I waited for OTF to get out, but really didn't have time to discuss how the board went for him. Family duty was calling. It's kind of funny because I didn't realize who it actually was that tried the board until later. You see, OTF, is one of the people who posts over at the Surfermag BB. I've seen numerous pics of him, but never met him in person. He's had a rough time the last few years. He was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer and beat it. So, the OTF that I had seen pics of, wasn't the same guy I had seen in those pics. He looked good, but just not the same as the pics I'd seen. So it really never clicked who it was that was trying the board. I later learned who it was, and with talking to him, found that he had a good time riding my board. I was stoked. Earlier in the day, my wife had won an Ice-9 blank, for best artwork on a board. So, I felt it would be a neat thing to shape OTF a board with it. We discussed it and he said he would want the same board, but a 5'10. So, I did what I could to make it as similar as possible. He also said that he wanted it to be airbrushed 80's Newport Neon. I knew Peter St. Pierre would be taking on the challenge, so that part was easy. What actually blew me away was that the fine people at Moonlight comped the glass job for OTF. Also that Jimmy and Casey at Lokbox donated the fins and boxes. So, here is some photos of the process and the finished product. Thanks to Moonlight for making a hacker shaped board look like a masterpiece. I hope OTF enjoys it.

On a side note, OTF picked up the board. He so far has had real positive things to say about how it rides. Early this morning he took off on a dredging wave and was driving down the line and took some gas. At some point, he was hit by the board. Ended up having to go to the ER and found to have an Orbital Bone Fracture. I hope he gets better soon, and that he finds piece with the board. G