Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keahana Sneak Peak

Just got an e-mail from Jim who stopped by the Keahana shop earlier today. I shaped this board for my best friend. It's a replacement of the last Pod type shape that I made for him about a year ago. He's plum worn that one out, so he was due. He likes EPS/Epoxy boards and I've been interested for a long time about trying out the Keahana System. This is shaped from one of Keahana's EPS fish blanks. They were real nice, explained the system well. I will be definately be using them again. It's getting 5 boxes. So he can ride it as a thruster, twin plus trailer (his preference), or a quad. So far everything seems to be coming out great. Can't wait to see it when it's done.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I call this the "Giddy Up" model. Made for Joey, who is fast becoming the biggest board whore around. It was a pleasure making this board for him. Never any pressure. He truly understood that, for me, other things have a higher priority than making boards. Other than the fins made by Marlin and the boxes installed by Jimmy, everything else was done at the BrownFish Factory. Oh, wait, I mean in my garage. Measurements are 6'2 x 20.5" x 2 5/8" and has a 10 1/4" tail block. ICE-9 Cane Blank. Nose and tail pulled in quite a bit in comparison to a standard Keel Fish. A little added Rocker. Designed mainly for fun lined up point breaks. Not hollow, but not mushy either. Think head high+ Malibu without 150 logs.
Hopefully he enjoys it.