Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I lack

I've always been pretty good at most things I've tried in life, BUT, I've never been a very creative person.  I've watched people all around me with this incredible creative zen.  My wife's a good example.  They throw these great, creative things together with so little effort.  Then stress about if it's good enough.  But me, not so much.  When I started making surfboards as a hobby, thats pretty much what it was.  I wanted to learn to make them myself.  To test not only my creativity, but also my focus.  I usually hang in thier for about 80%, but then somehow loose focus on the rest.  When making surfboards, that last bit of focus it what really counts.  My woodworking and shop tool skills hit their plateau in 7th woodshop.  Since then, I could cut a piece of wood if I had to, or rig something up real good, but accuracy was never quite my specialty.  So, it's surprising to me to occasionally get, or find, pictures of stuff laying around that I made for others.  Kind of fulfilling.  Here is a pic I found today of a board and handplane I made for some kind people in the past.


Anonymous said...

Brown you got it going on man.

I enjoy your your posts too.

gracepark said...

heyyyy, i know who that is.

gary, your creativity and work is incredible.